Holiday Activities You Can Do With Your Family This Season (And Beyond)

Holiday Activities You Can Do With Your Family This Season (And Beyond)

The holidays can be overwhelming, and it’s tempting to get lost in your never-ending to-do lists instead of fully living in the moment and focusing on the joy the holiday season can bring. That’s why we’ve put together a list of simple ways you and your foster child can create loving memories together this holiday season.

Co-Parent and Build Relationships – as a foster parent, you play the delicate role, particularly during the holiday season, of building a relationship with the child at home and co-parenting with the child’s biological parent(s). Connection is critical, especially for children who have experienced trauma or other difficult situations.

Here are some tips for how to build memories that involve your foster child’s biological parent(s) this holiday season:

  • Bring in the holiday cheer with a baking day with your foster child and gift delicious treats to their biological parent(s). Dropping off cookies on a doorstep or sending it along on a visit can be a simple way to share holiday cheer!
  • Create a safe space in your home for a family visit. Not everyone has this ability, but since foster families fall under co-parenting guidelines, you can still plan a holiday get-together with your child’s parent(s) for a holiday catch-up.
  • Host a digital meet-up! You can watch movies, play games together, or share stories on many virtual platforms with their biological parents.

Incorporate Foster Child’s Traditions into your Holidays – get to know your foster child’s traditions and include them in your holiday celebrations! Creating memories together can bring absolute joy – whether it’s decorations your foster child is fond of, the food they enjoy during the festivities, or cultural traditions they hold close to their hearts!

  • The holidays are an excellent time for making new traditions—especially with your children. Ask them what they’d like for dinner one day during the holidays, and then make it for them. Perhaps a chicken finger dinner with ice cream for dessert could be a fun new way to celebrate Christmas Eve with your foster child and family.
  • The 12 Days of Christmas can continue past December 25th. Try themed celebrations based on your foster child’s favourite food, drink, or heritage. You could do 12 days of learning and trying something from your child’s cultural background, such as baking bannock!

Create Memories with Fun, Free Activities! When inflation and recession are on your mind, you can still enjoy quality time with your foster child and find fun, free activities to participate in. You can:

  • Go for a free visit to Santa at the mall like The Core
  • Try a new winter activity like creating a snowman, going tobogganing or spending a day skating at Deerfoot City
  • Wear your favourite jammies and watch all the classic holiday movies.
  • Make some delicious hot chocolate and drive through your neighbourhood looking for the best Christmas lights.

We hope the holidays will bring you and your foster child closer together. Let those warm, loving holiday feelings carry into the New Year, and use these activities to stir up new memories for the future.

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