How will I be supported?


Foster parenting is both challenging and rewarding. Foster parents will be tasked with caring for children who have experienced trauma. Supporting a child to reach their potential is the greatest reward — whether it’s seeing their self-esteem grow, learning mechanisms to deal with adversity, or experiencing personal and academic achievements.


A Village to Turn To

Beginning on your first day as a new foster parent, you will have access to expert social workers who will provide individualized support to you and your family. You’re not alone on this journey.

Foster Mentors

You will be matched with an experienced foster/kinship parent who understands what you are experiencing and can support you. Mentoring will be a helpful tool for you to utilize as you begin this journey.

Community and peers

As a foster parent, you’ll have access to a supportive peer group to help you and your family integrate into cultural and community events. 



Foster Calgary is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way in your journey as a foster parent or kinship family.

Our Approach

At Foster Calgary, we use approved curriculum, based on the Trauma-Informed Care model to prepare foster parents with information on how to manage trauma, including why certain behaviours develop, and how to cope.

Real-life Training

At Foster Calgary, we equip foster parents and kinship families with valuable training about supporting children in care. Foster parent training provides real-life applicability for you, your family and the unique child in your care.

Numerous Topics

Whether it’s learning about ways to balance the needs of your biological and foster children, finding ways to cope with stress as a foster parent, or adjusting emotionally after a child is returned to their biological parents, Foster Calgary is your partner on a lifelong journey of giving back to the community.


Q. Can I foster a baby or toddler?

A. If you would like to foster a child younger than four, one parent must be at home full-time to care for them.

Q. I work full-time. Can I still foster?
Q. What could prevent me from fostering?
Q. Do I need to make a certain amount of money to be a foster parent?
Q. What kind of home do I need?
Q. Do I need a car?

A. Yes – you will need a car, driver’s license, and valid car registration and insurance.

Q. I have renters or non-biological people regularly in my home. Can I foster?
Q. Do I have to be in good health?
Q. How long will my fostering application take?