Holiday Activities You Can Do With Your Family This Season (And Beyond)


The holidays can be overwhelming, and it's tempting to get lost in your never-ending to-do lists instead of fully living in the moment and focusing on the joy the holiday season can bring. That's why we've put together a list of simple ways you and your foster child can create loving memories together this holiday season.  Co-Parent and Build Relationships - as a foster parent, you play the delicate role, particularly during the holiday season, of building a relationship with the child at h...

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Finding Support for Foster Children on the Autism Spectrum


The foster parent’s name has been changed to respect privacy and confidentiality.   At Foster Calgary, we understand each child coming into our care has their own unique story. Sometimes, those stories include being on the autism spectrum. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental condition that can affect many areas of life, such as social communication, restricted interests, and repetitive behaviour. We work hard to match each child with the best foster family, and th...

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Tips for Keeping Spirits Bright this Holiday Season


Amid a global pandemic, we all know this holiday season will look different from in the past. We've put together a list of our favourite ways to keep spirits bright in your home when you and your foster child and family may not be feeling your usual jolly selves. 1. Build relationships through co-parenting – As foster parents, we always need to build a relationship with the child in our home and their parents. Connection above all else is critical, now more than ever. How do we create conne...

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Looking at the "Big Picture" (not just the Turkey) when Celebrating Thanksgiving with Foster Children


Food, family, and fun are three words that often come to mind during holidays. This holiday Thanksgiving will look different as we celebrate in a "new normal" and the COVID-19 pandemic. As we navigate what those changes will look like for our family, it is essential to remind ourselves of the potential impact those three words – food, family, and fun - can have on our foster children. Food. That word alone evokes images of a cornucopia (literally!) of bounty: turkey with all the trimmings, ...

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How Foster Care Changed my Path in Life


I am a former foster child here in Alberta. As an Indigenous man, I am proud of who I am and my culture. My desire in sharing my story is to provide encouragement for foster families and wisdom specifically for those who are fostering Indigenous children. I came into care at birth due to health complications. My foster parents brought me home from the hospital at the age of one. I had visits with my birth family as a child, those visits came to an end because I often came back sick or ended up i...

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Birth sisters reflect on their life as siblings to foster children

Birth sisters reflect on their life as siblings to foster children

Sisters Nora*, 18, and Sammie*, 16, speak candidly with Foster Calgary about their experiences as biological children in a foster family. FC: Your family has been fostering for seven years now. Tell us about your experiences growing up as foster siblings: what were the challenges you faced and what has been an obstacle to overcome? Nora: One of the biggest challenges was the change in the amount of time Mom and Dad could spend with us. Our first placements were twin babies and they needed a lot ...

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What I Wish I Had Known before Fostering


The name of the foster parent has been changed to respect privacy and confidentiality. Becoming a foster parent is intimidating. You may feel like you aren't prepared to take on a new family member or that you won't be a capable foster parent. Almost all foster parents feel this way at the beginning. We sat down with Natalie to learn about her fostering journey, including why she persevered in the times she felt ill-equipped and what she has learned along the way. 1. You Will Feel Nervous to Fos...

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5 Ways to Prepare your Bio-Kids for Foster Siblings


The name of the foster parent has been changed to respect privacy and confidentiality. Becoming a foster parent is an incredible journey – not just for yourself but your entire family, especially your "bio children". Thinking about how to transition a new person into everyday life at your home can feel exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. While every family is unique, staff and foster parent members of the Calgary and District Foster Parent Association (CFPA) are a huge support in pre...

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